Since our first vintage we have received over 100 awards for our wines. The more recent are listed below.

2009 SHIRAZ                              Bronze-Australian Cool Climate WineShow

                                                     Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards                                                                    

 2009 RES. CHARDONNAY        Gold-Australian Boutique Wine Awards 

                                                     Silver-4 Stars WINESTATE Magazine

2010 RES. CHARDONNAY         Silver-Australian Boutique Wine Awards

                                                     Silver-Australian Cool Climate Wine Show

2010 ROCKY ROSE                    Bronze-Cowra Wine Show

2010 RIESLING                           Bronze-Australian Cool Climate Wine Show

2010 MERLOT                             Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards

2010 CAB. SAUVIGNON            Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards 

                                                     Bronze-Australian Small Winemakers Show

2010 SHIRAZ                              Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards

                                                    Bronze-WINEWISE Small Vigneron Awards

2011 ROCKY ROSE                   Silver-WINEWISE Small Vigneron Awards

2011 SAUVIGNON BLANC        Bronze-WINEWISE Small Vigneron Awards

2011 RES. CHARDONNAY        Silver-Cairns Wine Awards

                                                    Bronze-WINEWISE Small Vigneron Awards

2012 ROCKY ROSE                   Bronze-Rutherglen Wine Show

2012 SHIRAZ                              Silver-Cairns Wine Awards

2012 MERLOT                            Silver-QANTAS Wine Show of W.A.  

2012 CABERNET/MERLOT       Silver-QANTAS Wine Show of W.A.  

2013 CAB. SAUVIGNON           Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards

2013 MERLOT                            Silver-Wine Showcase Magazine

                                                    Silver-Rutherglen Wine Show

                                                    Bronze-Wine Showcase Magazine

2013 SAUVIGNON BLANC        Bronze-Australian Small Winemakers Show

2013 CABERNET/MERLOT       Silver-Wine Showcase Magazine

                                                    Bronze-Wine Showcase Magazine

2014 RES. CHARDONNAY       Gold-Wine Showcase Magazine

2015 ROCKY ROSE                  Bronze-Rutherglen Wine Show

2014 MERLOT                           Silver-4 Stars WINESTATE Magazine 

                                                   Silver-Australian Small Winemakers Show                   

2014 CAB. SAUVIGNON          Bronze-3 Stars WINESTATE Magazine

2014 SHIRAZ                            Bronze-3 Stars WINESTATE Magazine

                                                  Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards

2015 ROCKY ROSE                 Bronze-Rutherglen Wine Show 

2016 ROCKY ROSE                 Silver-Wine Showcase Magazine

2016 SHIRAZ                                                          Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards                                                  

2016 CAB. SAUVIGNON                                        Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards

2017 SAUVIGNON BLANC      Bronze-Australian Small Winemakers Show

                                                  Bronze-3 Stars WINESTATE Magazine

2016 RES. CHARDONNAY      Bronze-Cairns Wine Awards                                        

                                                  Bronze-Australian Small Winemakers Show

2017 RES. CHARDONNAY                                    Silver-Cairns Wine Awards