When Gene and Mary Harma purchased their undulating 165 acre property at Porongurup in 1991 at the centre of surrounding vineyards, they were thinking ‘wine’. When the decision was made then to name it ‘IRONWOOD’, it seemed appropriate considering the ironstone outcrops on some of the hills and stands of Jarrah and Redgum. Their thoughts were also on a distant place with the same name in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness where Gene was born and where they had had cool climate holidays and family reunions over the years. Somehow the two places, poles apart, were kindred. So, the property was ‘IRONWOOD’ and thence the vineyard and wine enterprise became IRONWOOD Estate Wines.

The family run vineyard, on Porongurup Road (Tourist Drive 252), on the north slope of the Porongurup Range with Twin Peaks and Millinup Pass as a backdrop, was established in 1996 after the construction of a large key dam at the edge of the block. The vines were planted on the gravely loam stream bank of an ancient flow from the granite heights of the Range above. They thrive in the crisp sunlight and cool summer nights to produce slow maturing, full flavoured premium fruit. The mountain outline of the prominent peaks of the mountain range graphically features on IRONWOOD Estate Wines labels.

IRONWOOD Estate Wines is dedicated to consistent quality from the hand selection of their grapes through the vinification, maturation, and to the bottling of their fine wines. The business motto states, “Fine wine every time…” as a commitment to dedication and excellence. Australian consumers, wine show judges, magazine writers, and food and wine gurus have given their approval to the varietals and styles produced under the label since the first vintage. The selection is currently Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet/Merlot, Chardonnay (Reserve and unoaked), Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Late Harvest, and Rocky Rose. IRONWOOD Estate Wines sell domestically and export small amounts to regional nations. Tourists now have the opportunity to visit the cellar to sample the wines and enjoy them with a cafe lunch alfresco or indoors. The panoramic picturesque views over the ‘lake’ adjacent to the vineyard to the distant Stirling Range and to the nearby elevated granite and timbered Porongurup Range National Park are the perfect backdrops.The cellar View Cafe menu is changed to complement the seasonal swings and great coffee/cakes plus pure, unprocessed honey are year round delights.